Wedding Catering Spotlight – Rebecca & Osh

The Relish Way is a unique experience. It allows us to develop a close relationship with the couples we work with and meet all of their expectations. By providing customizable menus and a high-quality service, we pride ourselves on the smiles and joy of couples on their special day.

Because of that, we truly enjoy highlighting some of the couples we’ve gotten to work with and share their stories!

For this feature, we’re bringing you: Rebecca & Osh.

What inspired the couple’s menu?

Our menu was inspired by me- obviously! Haha!

I love having bite full of different flavors, then when the flavors really go together, it’s s like a little bit of heaven in your mouth.”

Rebecca & Osh Wedding

What was your favorite menu item?

I think my husband and I could agree that everything was impeccable- but those passed  Mac-N-Cheese hors d’oeurves were out of this world! Or was it the salted caramel crème brûlée? That’s a hard question!”

Rebecca & Osh

What is one funny thing that happened during the day?

“I’m sure I can think up of something hilarious that doesn’t put a spotlight on me, but this is a story (though embarrassing) that I have to share.

We had A LOT of people at our wedding- meaning more eyes on the bride. Our wedding was very traditional too, and one tradition we have is putting the groom up on a mans shoulders and the bride sits on a chair and she is carried over the crowd while the guests dance beneath them.

It all sounds cool until it’s real- with a big wedding dress, and a cathedral veil. I had a big ball gown dress, with 3 extra large skirts under it to make it even more puffy, and up on that chair I kept slipping, and telling them to straighten and level the chair. Well, with all the noise, my voice went unheard and I fell, right off that chair! The best part was I landed standing, on my 6-inch Jimmy Choo’s, with two heels still intact. Oh, and for the record, this happened to me twice that night! Thankfully, I was graceful falling, and landing standing up!”

Tell us something special about the reception.

Our whole reception was special. I think the best part was having the people we love there. My family flew in from Dubai, Jordan and Canada, and amongst them was my 85 year old grandmother. That was the most precious moment for me.

Also, our wedding song was very special. When I first heard this song, ‘Back at One’ by Brian McKnight in 1999, I always said that it’s going to be my wedding song if I was to ever get married. 18 years later, and it all felt so right. Our guests joined in singing the song which made it even more powerful!”

What was your favorite aspect about working with Relish?

Working with Relish was the most easy and fun time out of our whole wedding experience. You leave your stress at the door when you walk in. Stephanie, and the whole team at Relish, worked with us and understood our wants and needs and made it all happen without stressing us out. To make it all more true, we had a set menu for nearly 250 people, meaning food allergies and food preferences- and we never heard that they had a mix up, or glitch anywhere! They didn’t add stress to us on that day- they focused on us enjoying ourselves, and that really meant a lot. From customized butter spreads, to added flavor extracts to our dessert table, they made it all happen, and to them I am grateful and beyond appreciative!”

Rebecca & Osh

What’s your advice to couples who are in the planning phase?

If anyone knows and understands stress during planning a wedding, it’s me. Between the tailor ruining my first dress and finding another wedding dress, I planned my wedding in 2 and a half months! And it was everything I had ever wanted and dreamed of! One piece of advice we can give couples planning their wedding is to delegate the right people to get a job done right. That way you don’t have to think twice about it. You delegate and move on to the next task because you have enough on your plate to deal with. So always choose someone capable; whether that’s a vendor, or a wedding planner or even a family member helping out.”

How did you hear about Relish?

“We heard about Relish through our venue. Relish was one of their preferred vendors, and I can clear consciously say that now I know why! They also make it to wedding expos, where I had seen them when I went to look for other vendors! Their food samples are amazing!”

Rebecca & Osh

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