Wedding Catering Spotlight

Wedding Catering Spotlight – Deena & Frank

The Wedding Catering Spotlight is back! After sharing Whitney’s & Tanner’s story in February, we received superb reactions from individuals who were interested in reading more stories about couples who have gone through the Relish Way.

With such a great response, we couldn’t say no! We love working and building a relationship with couples; It really brings us purpose to be part of the special day of so many people!

This time around, we’re bringing to you Deena & Frank.

Wedding Catering Spotlight

What inspired the couple’s menu?

“Frank and I love to eat! And Mexican/Latin American food is our favorite. Plus, we were taking our honeymoon to the Patagonia, so we felt like it was fitting. We wanted our menu to be delicious and elegant enough for a wedding, but also to match the fun and free vibe of our wedding in particular, and we thought this menu did just that!”

Wedding Catering Spotlight                             Wedding Catering Spotlight

What was your favorite menu item?

“Oh man, we loved everything! The appetizers were probably our favorite though, the goat cheese poppers and the tostada chip were so good!”

What is one funny thing that happened during the day?

“Literally right before the ceremony was supposed to start, my earring broke and we had to take some string and super glue to it. Definitely added a little excitement to the day!”

Tell us something special about the reception.

“I would say the music and the dancing, our friends (who are in a band) played and covered our favorite Widespread Panic song without even knowing it. It was extra special because Widespread Panic was how we met, so it was really fun to be able to dance to that song as a married couple.”

Wedding Catering Spotlight

What was your favorite aspect about working with Relish?

“We chose Relish because food is a really big part of our relationship, and my family LOVES to cook and eat! So we wanted to make sure the food was quality, authentic and fresh, which Relish definitely is. We also really liked that they were flexible about the menu and let us design what we wanted, so it could be representative of who we are as a couple.”

What’s your advice to couples who are in the planning phase?

“I would say prioritize. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that other people do, especially with Etsy and Pinterest and all the blogs. But realistically you won’t have the time, money or sanity to do everything. Sit down with your fiancé and your family and decide what is most important and focus on that. For us, that meant food, drink, music, and being outside. So we really centered those things in our planning, and then I didn’t stress the rest too much. You should design a day that is true to who you are as a couple, not what everyone else thinks a wedding should be.”

How did you hear about Relish?

The Knot.

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Going through the Relish Way means we’ll be there with you from start to finish. Once you have your venue details in place, we want to listen to your story and come up with a customized menu for your day. Our team of event designers will help you sort out all the details from there!

Ready to take the next step? Contact us to book a tasting or explore the Relish Wedding Page.

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Photography Credit: Lindy Hickman Photography

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