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Wedding Catering Spotlight – Casey & Drew

Our inspiration at Relish comes from hearing every couple’s unique story and working collaboratively to incorporate any details into their menu.

For this spotlight, we’re featuring Casey & Drew.

What inspired the couple’s menu?

“Fruit! We wanted the menu to be seasonal, fruity, and local. We wanted it to have a very Colorado feel, especially for all of our out of town guests. We had fun working with Relish to incorporate fruit with each part of the menu!”

Wedding Dessert

What was your favorite menu item?

Bride: Palisade Peach Salad Groom: Pan Seared Salmon with Mango Habanero Chutney.

What is one funny thing that happened during the day?

“When it was time to cut the cake, we were all looking for the groom’s dad. He was nowhere to be found until we looked outside and saw he was in the middle of catching a fish in the nearby pond! We have a great picture of him all dressed up holding his fishing net and catch of the day!”

Tell us something special about the reception.

“We really wanted our reception to be a time for all of our friends and family to get to know each other and spend quality time. We decided to go with long, banquet tables and a family-style service for our food. It was so fun seeing friends and family, who had never met, get the chance to talk over good food and leave feeling like they’d known each other for a long time. Such a special night!”

What was your favorite aspect about working with Relish?

Working with Stephanie! She had such a wonderful energy and made the whole process a ton of fun. We didn’t have any concrete ideas of what we wanted, just ideas here and there. She helped us create an entire menu we loved and was so helpful throughout the entire process. Relish took such good care of us, and the food was beyond amazing!

What’s your advice to couples who are in the planning phase?

It’s easy to overwhelm yourself by looking at too many options. Pick 2-3 vendors to reach out to and set up a tasting. Talking to too many can get out of control quickly. In most cases, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, not apples to apples. Just note your must-have items, talk to a few vendors, make a decision, and move on!

How did you hear about Relish?

“We heard about Relish through our venue, Stone Mountain Lodge. Relish is on their preferred vendor list.”

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If you’ve begun your planning and already booked a venue, we’d love to work together to make the rest a reality!

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