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Wedding Catering Spotlight – Ashley & Blaise

Being able to take a couple’s unique requests and desires and turn them into a reality is our passion. Your wedding day is one you’ll never forget, and we’re so happy to be able to do what we do.

This month, it’s our pleasure to introduce Ashley & Blaise and their amazing story!

What inspired the couple’s menu?

We love to cook food from around the globe and eat out and try new cuisines so we wanted a menu that really represented us. We decided to do a rustic “woodsy” type feast that had an elegant feel and included local Colorado game. Our menu included duck confit, rocky mountain elk tenderloin, butter and sage ravioli, and delicious charcuterie boards. We also wanted a unique dessert so we decided to go with Blaise’s family recipe of plated red pears poached in red wine and peppercorns topped with homemade whipped cream. Our cocktail hour was amazing as well as we had passed h’ordeuvres while a live jazz band played.”

Ashley & Blaise - Wedding Food

What was your favorite menu item?

“The duck confit was the show stopper. Everyone was amazed by how crispy it was on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The elk tenderloin was also a first for many guests! People couldn’t stop raving about how different and delicious the food was.”

What is one funny thing that happened during the day?

“It seemed like we had one wardrobe malfunction after the other! A family friend was literally sewing a strap on my wedding dress last minute as I was wearing it about to walk out the door. A groomsmen forgot his tie, a bridesmaid spilled wine on her dress, and another bridesmaid stepped right in a puddle of mud outside the ceremony splashing her dress. But we were so overjoyed and excited that it didn’t even phase us.”

Tell us something special about the reception.

“One of my favorite moments was the father daughter dance. My aunt (vocals), uncle (violin), and two cousins (guitar and vocals) performed an amazing version of “Sweet child O’ Mine” that was similar to the version from the movie Captain Fantastic. What started as a typical slow dance turned into my family joining in a circle wildly singing along to the music as we swayed and jumped around. It was epic! Also, our reception venue fit us perfectly. We had just moved from New York to Denver so were looking for city meets the mountains and wanted a modern warehouse meets outdoor wilderness feel. The moss walls, edison bulb ceiling, big windows, and unfinished ceiling with chandeliers made that combination come to life.”

Ashley & Blaise - Seating

What was your favorite aspect about working with Relish?

“They executed our unique and very particular menu wonderfully and served delicious food that looked beautiful and tasted fresh. They really listened to what was important to us and had some great ideas to accompany it.”

Ashley & Blaise Wedding Menu

What’s your advice to couples who are in the planning phase?

“Pick only a couple of the most important aspects of the big day to focus on and don’t over stress about the rest. For us it was about the food, venue, and music. Also, if you want something unique be sure to give your vendors a clear idea of what you want by using photos and specific examples then just trust them! They know what they’re doing so just pass over the reins :)”

How did you hear about Relish?

“It was one of our venue’s (The Moss) preferred vendors.”

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If you’ve begun your wedding planning process and have booked a venue, we’d love to hear from you and learn your story!

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