Wedding Catering Spotlight – Abrian & David

Abrian & David, it’s evenings like yours that make us so happy and keep us excited about every event. We’re so glad that your creative ideas could be realized on such an important and memorable day!

For this spotlight, we’re introducing:¬†Abrian¬† and David.

What inspired the couple’s menu?

“Our menu was inspired by the cities we are both from. Our event coordinator, Stephanie told us about the option of doing stations for our meal. Since we weren’t very connected to any specific plated meal, we found that doing stations with food inspired by where we are from and our favorite foods was more unique and special. We had a Denver station featuring a taco bar, a New York station with flatbread and ruben sliders, and a “first date” station with chicken fingers and mac n cheese bar. Our guests loved the food and we loved how it was unique to us as a couple and outside the box of any other weddings we had been to.”

What was your favorite menu item?

“The mac n cheese and tacos and how you could add whatever toppings you wanted. It was delicious and allowed for guests to make their dish the way they wanted which isn’t usually the case with wedding food.”

What is one funny thing that happened during the day?

“It was 100 degrees during our ceremony which was outside. Also, we had a different company deliver ice cream and they didn’t give us enough dry ice so all our ice cream sandwiches melted. At least our wedding flavor ice cream tubs were saved but it was funny that the hot day in July mixed with ice cream sandwiches didn’t work out…go figure!”

Tell us something special about the reception.

“The whole reception was special but hearing our best man and maid of honor speeches were touching and special. But something else that was extra special was our 80’s cover band. They played amazing music but for their final song they played one of our wedding songs “Sweet Child of Mine.” They learned the song especially for us and played it as our last song as a surprise.”

What was your favorite aspect about working with Relish?

“It really was working with Stephanie and the amazing service they provided on the day of the wedding. From the very first meeting with Stephanie she had great ideas that helped us conceive of a menu that was perfect for our personalities. She helped make our catering experience special, meeting all of our needs and answering all of our many questions. I felt like by the end of the experience I had a trusted friend. All of the catering staff on the day of were friendly and provided amazing service. The food was hot, fresh and delicious!”

What is your advice to couples who are in the planning phase?

“Really think about what is important and special to you as a couple. Don’t get too caught up in making everyone happy because you can’t please everyone. Ultimately it is your day and you should make it special and memorable for you. When it comes to catering, pick what you would want to eat and a company with people who are easy to talk to and work with. This worked out to be the best fit with Relish for us and we are so happy we had them.”

How did you hear about Relish?

“I think we first heard of them because they were on a list of approved vendors by our venue. I also looked up reviews on wedding sites and Yelp.”

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