The Best Custom Wedding Menus

(And How to Decide What to Serve your Guests)

As everyone knows, a marriage is the joining of two families into one. Keeping with traditions like beef carving stations and chicken marsala is OUT. Making your wedding menu unique and personal is the new trend that isn’t a trend at all. It’s becoming the new tradition!

The best custom wedding menus include personal aspects that bring joy to the couple and to those celebrating with them. In doing 1000’s of tastings over the years, we have seen couples get excited and inspired when we help create their menus with personal touches. We love including aspects of the bride and groom’s relationship such as first dates, heritage and family recipes to tell their culinary love story. Here are a few tips to create the best custom wedding menus:

First Dates

The relationship begins at the first date, and for some couples it’s the most memorable date of all! Do you remember your first date? Where you went? What you ate? Imagine if you could relive that special moment at your wedding. 

I asked our event designers and it was amazing how many details they could remember from the date that changed it all. We were not surprised when Stephanie, who may be the over the top romantic type, could recall almost every detail of her and Jesse’s first date. She could remember everything from the name of the restaurant (Bob and Tony’s Pizza) to the toppings on the pizza to the beer they drank. Brenda, our corporate guru, fell in love in the highlands. She and Mark ate at Meade Street for a casual Thursday night, a short 20 years after first meeting. The dinner was filled with meatloaf and fish ‘n chips. Natalie was a little embarrassed to admit that her and John’s first date was at Chili’s. To be fair, they were only 19, in college and fairly broke. Karen and Brett had their first official date at The Oven, a local pizza shop. This is a testament to how much Karen liked Brett, because she hates pizza. We know…who could possibly hate pizza? 

best custom wedding menus pizza

Our clients have loved reminiscing about their first dates just as much as us. And we have enjoyed working these memories into some pretty special wedding menus. Not everyone eats at a 5-star restaurant on their first date, so we have gotten pretty good at incorporating casual but personal meals into elegant weddings.

Family Heritage

Is your wedding going to be a blend of cultures? Is he from India and you’re from Indianapolis? So much of what we do is bringing together two different cultures, two different culinary experiences and two different histories into one cohesive, delicious and creative event. Our chefs are classically trained, but since Relish Catering does not have any set menus, we are constantly learning about different styles of cuisine and worldly recipes. This summer alone we are serving everything from Australian meat pies to Indonesian lumpia. 

Photo: Felicia Marti Photography

Family Recipes

We all know there are some things that mom makes better than anyone. And we at Relish Catering cannot disagree, so we don’t! Our chefs are talented, creative and all-around great, but there is often no comparison to food you grew up loving. Our clients often mention that they love their family’s Swedish meatballs, Italian wedding cookies or El Salvadorian paposas, so we use their family’s recipe! Everything we prepare is made from scratch, so we might as well make it exactly how you like it using your family’s recipes.

best custom wedding menus

How do you bring it all together?

The amazing thing about food is that the options are endless. Everyone has their favorite dishes, ethnicities or styles of service. This is exactly why we decided to be Denver’s first fully custom caterer. We strive to create events that reflect each individual client’s style, picky palettes and budgets. 

Take a peek at a few of the custom menus we created for recent weddings for inspiration! We love truly personalizing each menu and cannot wait to help you relive your first date, highlight your heritage or enjoy a favorite family recipe through your unique and delicious wedding menu.

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