It’s Outdoor Catering Season!

Temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and Mother Nature’s playfulness can be felt in the breeze. The early morning sunlight and new warmth has proclaimed that Spring is officially amongst us and Summer is on its way!

One of the best things about these warmer days is the opportunity to step outside of the ordinary and take events and gatherings outdoors. Everyone loves attending a great outdoor event and in case you didn’t know, outdoor catering and organizing outdoor events are a favorite for Relish! If you’re thinking of hosting an outdoor event, we’ve got you covered! Here’s what we’ve got.


Delicious Home-Cooked BBQ

Regardless of your event type, we are equipped to bring the kitchen outside and serve all of your favorites. For those who would like to keep it more casual, our Signature BBQ Menu includes a selection of house-smoked meats and home style sides to choose from! You don’t want to miss out on our original BBQ sauce!

Take a look at our BBQ Menu


Classic Summer Picnic

Whether you’re gathering with friends at a park, hosting a private backyard event or hosting a corporate hangout, our versatile Picnic Menu incorporates a great variety of options which are perfect for any occasion.

Some of our favorite options include the ‘Quilted Picnic’ – a cold buffet that is perfect for the park and the ‘Mediterranean Picnic’ –  a mix of grilled lamb burgers and chicken breasts accompanied with an Israeli couscous salad and an assorted stone fruit & fresh berry salad. All of the picnic selections come with delicious delicious sweets which can then be upgraded to our classic s’more bar which will surely delight all of your guests!

Take a look at our selection of Picnic Menus!


page breaker - wedding catering

When we say we will take the kitchen outside – we mean it! We’ll make sure to include everything you need for a proper feast (plates, napkins, the works).

Now that you know we serve outdoor catering as well, simply give us a call at 303.532.4095 or send us a message to let us know what you’d like or if you need help finding the perfect space!

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