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Local Food Partners Spotlight

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing catering services in the Denver and Colorado area. During all this time, the only way we could have offered the high-quality service we currently do, is by sourcing premium ingredients from the amazing partnerships with Colorado food purveyors.

We work with the best in town and like to keep things local. Because of that, we’d like to share some of the amazing partners who showcase the values of local and sustainable.

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Fresh Guys

Fresh Guys is one of our favorite fresh produce suppliers in town. You’ll be surprised to see the wide selection of Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables that is updated on a weekly basis; they source from multiple farms across the state. The dishes we put together with the Fresh Guy’s produce never disappoint.

Tenderbelly Pork

Have you ever thought of what the ideal piece of bacon tastes like? We’ve actually tasted it and we can serve it at any of your events! Tenderbelly’s recipes are perfected for superior taste and will give your taste buds an exquisite burst of flavor. Most importantly, Tenderbelly’s environmentally conscious approach to ethical harvesting, compassionate care for animals and desire to keep on improving their environmental practices (from distribution to packaging) is why we love partnering with them.

Check out what makes Tenderbelly Pork certifiably awesome.

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Red Bird Farms

This is what real chicken tastes like! The chickens at Red Bird Farms are healthy, safe and are never given any hormones and raised without the use of antibiotics. Similar to us, Red Bird has been a family-owned company for 20 years and family values are the center of their philosophy. These include charitable giving, education and sponsorships to benefit the Colorado community.

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Plants Naturally

Plants Naturally is our biggest source of specialty seasonal produce, edible flowers as well as custom micro greens. In 2018, floral flavors incorporated into dishes and cocktails are a MUST.

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Rocking Goat Dairy

This little piece of agricultural heaven is the place where we source our chevre and other milk products. The quality of the Rocking Goat Dairy products surpasses our expectations as well as our client’s. The ambitious personality of the owners and desire to grow keeps us close as we have the same entrepreneurial mindset.

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Our work heavily depends on the partnerships we develop and because of that, we are incredibly proud of and grateful for our several local food partners.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek onto where we source our food from, let us know if you’d like any dish containing ingredients from any of these vendors!

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