Best Fall Desserts For Your Event

Fall’s crisp evenings and leafy landscapes paint Colorado in unique colors like no other season. Here at Relish, we’re fans of fall because of the decadent ingredients and tastes we get to experiment with during this time of year.  

It’s the perfect season to break out the cinnamon sticks, pumpkins, apples and caramelized everything! We’re unapologetically ready to use these ingredients and share with you some of our favorite fall desserts that you can request for your upcoming event. You may even ask for seconds… or thirds.

1) Pumpkin Macarons

During the fall, we give this traditional French pastry a seasonal makeover. This fall dessert is ready to be enjoyed with coffee, tea or even a PSL. These trendy pastries are the perfect little indulgence that your guests won’t be able to resist.

2) Pumpkin Crème Brulee

Try to imagine a traditional crème brulee. With this Relish-favorite twist, you get the satisfaction of breaking through the candy topping, plus digging into the wonderful taste of pumpkin essence. This French classic will certainly captivate the interest of any guests who are interested in food science due to its intricate balance of sweet, creamy, lightness and crunch.

3) Caramel Apple Galette

Try something new this Thanksgiving! Serving traditional apple pie year after year is tasty but why not bake outside the box and serve a caramel apple galette? This crispy artisan-style “apple pie” will crumble in your mouth with great delight! The caramel topping is the extra touch that puts us head over heels – definitely one of the best fall desserts we have to offer!

4) Caramel Dipped Apple

Open call for all you Colorado sweet tooths out there – this dessert is made with you in mind! Our caramel is thick enough to provide a glistening coat but soft enough to bite through. Nothing says fall like some delicious fruit, sticky caramel and toppings of your choice! This is your chance to get creative… nuts, sprinkles, chocolate – you name it, we’ll do it.  

5) Apple Donut Holes

Let’s be honest.. Donuts are the gems of baked goods. The sugary coat and soft center make the apple donut holes one of our go-to fall desserts. These treats go hand in hand with a hot coffee or tea in a chilly fall Colorado morning any day of the week. Perfect for a morning meeting or midday pick-me-up.

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Here at Relish, we want you to experience the best flavors this season has to offer. We are looking to delight your guests with high-quality ingredients and tastes that will are perfect to indulge in during this time of year

Let us know what you think about this roundup of fall desserts we selected! If you’d like to order any of the above for your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the contact form below.

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