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Summer is here and we know there’s absolutely nothing more fulfilling than soaking up some sunshine and spending time with our loved ones – especially in such a beautiful city like Denver. As a Denver catering company, we’ve visited many venues, parks, backyards and we’re always amazed by the stunning views that can be found around our city. Whether it’s the snow-covered mountaintops, the illuminated city skyline or the reflection of the sun setting over a body of water- we are surrounded by beauty all around.  

Summer and picnics go hand in hand so it’s time to roll out the blanket, find a green spot and cheers to a great summer!  To encourage you to make the most out of this summer in Denver and spend time outside, we’ve re-launched our Picnic Menu and put together a list of the 5 best outdoor picnic spots around the city for you to enjoy. Whether you’re planning an outdoor picnic for a company event, romantic getaway, family celebration or a gathering with friends, we’ve got you covered with some of our best spots (and food!).

1- City Park

If you’re looking for a recreation-filled day, look no further! City Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Denver stretching over 330 acres. Once in the park, visitors can find the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science making it a great location to spend an entire afternoon – especially for the younger ones! City Park is surrounded by stunning landscaped grass surrounded by a beautiful skyline and faint mountains in the background making it a magical location to enjoy a picnic with colleagues or a large family!     

City Park

2-Denver Botanic Gardens

Whether it’s one of the 17 arid gardens showcasing Colorado’s climate or one of the internationally inspired gardens featuring designs from Japan, China, South Africa and the Tropics, get ready to be transported to different areas of the world when walking around the 24 acres the Denver Botanic Gardens has to offer. We definitely recommend laying out your blankets near one of the Shady Gardens to enjoy the delightful summer breeze. Did you know that you the Denver Botanic Gardens is also a prime location for weddings and receptions? If you’d like to spend your special day surrounded by beautiful blooms and lush colors, you might want to check this place out and let us know if you have any wedding inquiries!

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3-Sloan’s Lake Park

Rumor has it that the best sunrises in Denver can be seen from Sloan’s Lake Park and we certainly agree! Early morning picnics are not for everyone, but this local neighborhood park has become incredibly popular in the past few years and people can be found running, walking and chatting throughout the day. The paved walk around the lake makes it incredibly enjoyable and certainly does bring a variety of dog owners from around the city for walks. If you enjoy people watching, this is surely your picnic spot.  

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4-Confluence Park

This small park located in the heart of downtown can easily go unnoticed but it’s unquestionably a hidden recreational and history hub. What we know of as Confluence Park today, is within the area where gold was first found in 1858 and where the history of Denver began. This is the perfect location to watch the river run and the children play while soaking in the beautiful scenery this park has to offer. If you’re a history buff and want to impress your date, this is the perfect spot for you!

5-Washington Park

Washington Park is a perfect place to visit and have a picnic after some light exercise. Within the 155 acres of greenery, there are tennis courts, a rec center and a 2.5 mile loop for runners and cyclists to enjoy. If you’re looking to work for your appetite, this is the place to visit!

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We’ve redefined what outdoor catering looks like. Our Culinary and Event Design team put together this magnificent summer Picnic Menu perfect for a gathering in a park, private home, or even corporate office.

Let us know which one of the picnic you’d like us to put together for your next outing! Simply give us a call at 303.532.4095 or send us a message!

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